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Mark and Shana Gordon

K & E remodeling company was a pleasure to do business with. Right from the start through to the last day of our project, we were impressed by their professionalism, integrity and consistency.

Bob McGee, is one of the finest people we have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is honest, hardworking and truly wants the best for his customers. He is flexible and accommodating. He will search high and low to find the best deals for his customers without settling for less quality. His advice and expertise enabled us to work together as a team to get the job done.

Kevin’s experience and talent for construction made us feel secure in our decisions. We did a large renovation, and Kevin’s knowledge of building and construction was key in the great success of the project. Kevin is talented and has a keen eye for detail.
We could not be happier with the outcome and are thoroughly enjoying our new living space.
We highly recommend K & E and will definitely be using them again for further projects.

Raizy Golombeck

We were very pleased with k & e remodeling. They were so pleasant to work with and were very patient with us throughout our remodeling. We love the finished product and would definitely use them again!!

Bartu Bicerli

We bought our rather old home with the dreams of one day shaping her into what we had envisioned for our family. We starting reaching out to several contractors, that we found via online search or referred by family and friends, when the time came for us to pull the trigger with our large size renovation. Bob and Kevin and sat down with us to talk through our ideas and what can realistically can be done within our budget and provided a reasonable breakdown of the estimate to start with – where other contractors would just look at the area and make statements such as “that size kitchen would cost this much, so the total would be around this amount..” Some even made suggestions of abandoning such renovations and actually moving if you can believe that! Kevin and Bob helped us with planning and 3D drawings of our ideas to determine the best design choices and came up with really solid recommendations for materials choices. We found that 3D images of the kitchen design helped us to make the best decision in the given space – we could have ended up with a smaller kitchen design if did not see the design choices and went along with our initial idea.

We had some minor hiccups as any other project this size would have but Kevin and Bob did a great job mitigating the potentials delays and did a fantastic job on sticking with the schedule. The staff was really friendly, professional, and accommodating to small changes along the way to ensure our satisfaction. We would highly recommend K&E Remodeling to everyone who needs anything done – they will treat you right and get the job done as it should be!

Charles and Geraldine Frishcosy

We have had Kevin and Bob work with us on many home update projects over the past three years and have been very happy with the results and excellent workmanship we have received on every one of them and when we have new projects, they are the ones we call.  Kevin has removed and replaced our backsplash and added under cabinet lighting to our kitchen cabinets, added a new floor heating duct, replaced our front door and side lite, closed off and insulated our fireplace to keep our house warmer, installed our kitchen faucets, dishwasher and garbage disposal, replaced our large bathroom mirrors with two smaller ones and resealed our driveway.  Kevin and his crew are very reliable and are always on the job when they should be and when they leave everything is clean and back in place.  If something is wrong, they always return promptly to correct the situation.  Kevin is always honest and reasonable to deal with.